Airthings monitor radon
Airthings monitor radon

Airthings View Radon


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The most advanced smart radon monitor with the newest technology in digital radon detection.


  5-year warranty available* | 45 day money back guarantee *Registration is required to extend our standard 12-month warranty to 5 years.

“Radon is the number 1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers”

American Lung Association


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Newest radon technology
The most advanced indoor air quality monitor measuring radon

Calm tech display
Customizable display or wave in front to view all pollutants that are outside recommended levels

WiFi connected / wireless
View your data anytime, anywhere, with this wireless and WiFi connected device with up to 3 year battery lifetime

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App / dashboard
App and online dashboard with graphs, notifications and insights

Hub functionality
When you plug in with the USB cable, View Pollution becomes a Hub, bringing other Airthings devices online

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Take control of the air you breathe



Lower your exposure to this cancer causing gas found in all buildings and homes



Monitor humidity to prevent mold, dust mites, skin irritations and the spread of viruses

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Keep an eye on temperature to improve sleep and productivity

Visualize the air you breathe

Customizable display

Choose the insights that matter to you with options for both indoor and outdoor levels

Wave function

Color-coded indicator with overall air quality:
good, fair, or poor

Air quality check

View pollutant levels on the product display that are outside recommendations

Airthings App & Dashboard

- Live and local pollen levels
- Short and long term graphs
- More detail with in-app dashboard
- Notifications
- Tips & insights