whole-home evaporative humidifier
mobile phone home control
whole-home evaporative humidifier
mobile phone home control

Condair Whole-Home Evaporative Humidifier


The whole-home evaporative humidifier

Condair HumiLife whole-home evaporative humidifiers are a bypass-style humidifier which introduces humidification by passing some warm furnace air across a unique ceramic evaporation pad. Install this directly to your furnace to supply your entire home with healthy and comfortable humidified air. Simple installation and automatic operation makes the whole-home evaporative humidifier for forced air systems a seamless solution for improving your home’s indoor climate.

This humidifier is equipped with an industry-unique ceramic media pad that does not need to be replaced regularly. Instead, the ceramic media can be easily removed by the homeowner and washed in a standard dishwasher cycle, then replaced back into the humidifier. No tools required – anyone can do it.

This humidifier is also linked through Wi-Fi to the Condair HumiLife mobile app for remote control and monitoring.

The Condair HumiLife whole-home evaporative humidifier works with tap water and is ideal for single-family houses, apartments and offices.

Features of the Whole-Home Evaporative Humidifier

  • Whole-home evaporative humidifier.
  • Smartphone app for remote control and monitoring.
  • Industry-unique ceramic media pad that can be easily removed and cleaned - no tools required.
  • Automatic operation - set it and sleep easy.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Water saving mode to reduce water usage.
  • Built-in sensors to detect air temperature and minimize water waste.
  • Pre-wired 100V wall plug power supply - eliminates need to tie into furnace controls.