ProtectPlusPro Titanium 140K
ProtectPlusPro Titanium 140K

ProtectPlusPro Titanium 140K


THE TITANIUM SERIES. Next-level whole-home

Protect Plus Pro™ is the whole-home water filtration system leader, addressing all the ways impurities can impact your family beyond drinking water – showers and baths, laundry and dishwasher – to keep them safe.

The Titanium Series is the latest in Protect Plus Pro™ innovation.  This breakthrough filtration technology delivers a number of firsts, including the first whole-home system to remove 99.7% of water-borne lead and the first to remove PFAS at high flow rates.

Protect Plus Pro ™ leads the way.

An advanced whole-home system that takes PFAS removal to the next level. The best system available to remove highly undesirable PFAS from your water, the PFAS Titanium Series:

  • Delivers breakthrough flow rates and treatment efficiency for system performance without compromising water pressure

  • Removes all PFAS (there are many variations, making removal difficult) and related substances from your water

  • Is certified to NSF Standard 53 by the IAMPO, meeting all ANSI standards