reverse osmosis water filter
reverse osmosis water filter

Bluewater Cleone 2 Classic


The Bluewater Cleone™ works as great as it looks. A high performing classic, the Cleone takes water purification for families to the next level. Whether it’s removing chlorine or most all chemical and biological contaminants, the reverse osmosis water purifier can be trusted to help deliver cleaner, healthier water from a kitchen tap when needed. Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Harnessing the water purifying power of reverse osmosis technology, Bluewater Cleone reliably delivers pristine water for drinking or washing vegetables and fruits.

In Italy, users have dubbed Bluewater Cleone ‘the tank’ because it never breaks down as it works 24/7 to deliver pristine drinking water. With easy to replace water filters that need changing approximately every six months, depending on water quality, Bluewater Cleone embodies our philosophy that there is no substitute for excellence when it comes to helping to protect human health and well-being.

Anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills should be able to install Bluewater Cleone.  But we also suggest using a professional plumber.  Four color-coded water connectors on the side of the water purifier make it easy to connect the rings and tubing correctly.  And all you need to do is turn the tap on for purer water.

Bluewater Cleone Removes

  • Micro-plastics

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical residues

  • Salt

  • Bacteria and viruses

  • Metals such as lead, mercury

  • Hormones

  • Chlorine

* IMPORTANT: The faucet supplied with the unit is especially suited for RO applications, made of stainless steel to avoid leaching of metals into the water.  Please consult if a third-party faucet is to be used. 

About Reverse Osmosis

Bluewater Cleone uses the reverse osmosis technology, widely considered to be the most efficient method to purify water. The water is purified by forcing untreated water through a semi-permeable filter or membrane. The membrane blocks chemicals and other contaminants as well as gets rid of bad odors and tastes. The filter captures everything nasty down to 0.0001 micron – leaving safer, purer water.