Replacement Filters for ecoSoft ROBust Pro
Replacement Filters for ecoSoft ROBust Pro

Replacement Filters for ecoSoft ROBust Pro

  • Annual Set
  • Sediment PT5
  • GAC Prefilter
  • CTO carbon post-filter
  • RObust PRO filter
  • RO Membrane

Ecosoft Robust Pro Reverse Osmosis Filter is designed with coffee connoisseurs in mind.  It meets the world's coffee standards and allows you to get water, perfectly revealing the unique taste of coffee. 

RObust is a multistage direct flow filtration system, which operates according to the following scheme:

  • Feed cold water first undergoes pre-filtration (1st pre-filter in the Robust 3000 system or 1st and
  • 2nd pre-filters in other systems) where it is stripped of suspended particles (rust, sand, hemp strands etc.).
  • The pressure booster pump feeds water to the reverse osmosis membranes mounted in parallel or in series. If the supply of feed water is cut off or the input pressure is lowered below 0.15-0.2 bar, a low-pressure switch is triggered, closes the inlet valve and turns off the pump. Even when the purified water faucet is opened, the system will not start until the supply of feed water is restored with sufficient pressure.
  • Permeate (purified water) goes to purified water outlet or pressure tank outlet (if installed), passing through the carbon post-filter, and the concentrate — through the flow restrictor is discharged into the drain.
  • RObustPro system is equipped special RObustPro replacement filter allows to get water with a small content of magnesium and calcium, which enhance the extraction of coffee flavor and aroma components.

Filtration Technology & Average Lifespan

  • Pre-filters and Post-filters
    • 5 micron PP sediment filter (1,000 Gal/6 months)
    • GAC coconut shell carbon filter  (1,000 Gal/6 months)
    • Special RObust PRO filter (1,000 Gal/6 months)
    • CTO carbon post-filter (1,000 Gal/6 months)
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    • Ecosoft RO membrane element (10,000 Gal/18-24 months)


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